The Benefits of Fuel Surge Tanks

Fuel Surge TankMany people wonder what purpose a fuel surge tank serves. A fuel surge tank ensures that an engine always has the amount of fuel necessary for high-powered output in demanding conditions, for example, when the fuel system sustains a high lateral acceleration load for a long period of time.

A fuel surge tank allows the engine’s fuel pumps to get regular access to fuel no matter the g-forces or direction. This is achieved by using the flow in the engine’s fuel system to guarantee that the surge tank remains full at all times.

The lift-fuel pump provides fuel from a fuel tank or cell with the excess fuel returning from the fuel pressure regulator circulated back into the surge tank. The result of these flows are a constant supply of fuel at all times and in any condition. This is true even if the fuel delivery from the fuel tank or cell is reduced because of low fuel or extreme conditions.

Fuel surge tanks protect engines and lower the risk of fuel loss. A constant level of fuel increases your ability to use all of your engine’s power. It also protects your engine from damage from a failed fuel supply at high-power outputs or high RPMs.

Now that you know what a surge tank is, you may be wondering if you need one. In general a fuel surge tank is recommended in the following cases:

  1. Your car or truck is likely to experience extreme G-forces. Any vehicle that races would benefit from a fuel surge tank.
  2. You need more fuel tank capacity and don’t want to replace your current fuel tank.

An external fuel surge tank is a good alternative if you don’t want to install an aftermarket fuel cell or modify your factory fuel tank. The tank can increase the flow of fuel with a single, double or triple fuel pump. Which you choose will depend on your particular needs.

A fuel surge tank will not only protect your engine, it also will prolong the life of your fuel pumps by keeping them cooler and lowering stress on them. This is achieved because the fuel pump within a fuel surge tank remains significantly cooler as the lift pump constantly recycles its contents through the main fuel tank when that tank is at full capacity.

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