Why Ignoring Signs of Engine Trouble Only Leads to More Trouble

Sometimes ignoring a problem will make it go away. This is seldom the case when it comes to engine trouble. When you suspect there may be an issue with your engine, it can be tempting to hope it just gets better on its own. Unfortunately, that mindset could lead to costly repairs.

The good news is, most engine issues are relatively minor fixes—if you attend to them at the first sign of trouble. So, what are the signs you should be looking for when it comes to engine trouble? Read on to learn about the most common ones:

  1. Warning Lights. The lights on your dashboard are there for a reason. They monitor all of your vehicle’s systems. So, if a light goes on and stays on, you need to pay attention. Most warning lights are pretty straightforward. For example, your oil light means you are running low on oil. The check engine light is the exception however and it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact problem. When the check engine light appears, it’s time to seek a professional opinion.
  2. Surging and/or Stalling. If your ride is no longer smooth, or your engine is surging then stalling, it could be anything from spark plugs to clogged fuel lines. Since surging and stalling can lead to dangerous in-traffic situations, don’t wait to see a repair services professional.
  3. Unexplained Noises. Tapping or popping when driving could mean detonation is taking place within the engine’s cylinders, grinding can mean a bad starter or even that your transmission is going. And while it is tempting to turn up the radio when you hear disturbing noises, this is definitely not going to fix the problem!
  4. Odd Smells. Smells that enter the passenger compartment are always a big problem. The culprits can be anything from leaking coolant to dangerous exhaust. The smell of rubber could mean damaged belts or hoses.
  5. Smoke. We’ve all seen cars or trucks driving down the road with smoke billowing out from under the hood and felt terrible for the driver. Blue smoke usually means that oil is escaping and being burned along with fuel while white smoke usually has something to do with a vehicle’s cooling system. Smoke can come from under the hood or out of the tailpipe but no matter the case, something is definitely awry.

Engine trouble doesn’t always spell big trouble but it is always better to be safe than sorry. After all, the longer you wait to address engine trouble, the more you are likely to spend on costly repair bills.

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